Strada Fantasma Celebrates Alfa Romeoís 100th Anniversary

July 11, 2010

Text Box: Pre-Show and hoping it doesnít rain.
Text Box: Setting up in the  morning We had to clean all the tire tread as the cars came inside!
Text Box: You always have a place to sit in your Alfa
Text Box: Get your tickets! Or wristbands.  Glenn T and a young Alfisti with her dad.
Text Box: Dan is a hit with Fox 4 news
Text Box: Yes, there was rain and even hail but the show went on.
Text Box: If you don't want kids to touch your car let them sit in it as Larry does.
Text Box: One of two cycles at the show.  You can see Richardís Vespa in the panoramic shots.
Text Box: Trophy winners at the show.
Text Box: Dan C. and his beautiful Alfa.  Thank you very much for bringing it out to share with everyone!!
Text Box: Link to local TV news coverage